3Derm Systems

3Derm Systems, Inc. is a teledermatology triage system enabling users to take clinical-quality 3D images of skin lesions and upload them to dermatologists for review. One in five Americans will develop skin cancer during their lifetime, but the wait time to see a dermatologist can be months or even longer than a year. By remotely triaging patients' skin concerns, dermatologists can give peace of mind to patients with benign conditions, while expediting appointments for patients requiring immediate care.




BioDirection, Inc. is a privately held medical device company developing novel and rapid point-of-care technologies for the objective diagnosis and management of concussion and other traumatic brain injury (TBI). The company’s lead product, the Tbit™ blood test, delivers biologically-based results shown to accurately confirm a concussion in less than 90 seconds. BioDirection’s platform system utilizes a patented bio-nanowire technology with the potential for use in a range of applications in point-of-care diagnostics.


Lumicell Logo.png


Lumicell illuminates cancer and other diseased tissues at the molecular level, enabling physicians to take action in real-time during surgeries to improve patient outcomes.
The company’s lead product, the Lumicell System, is in late-stage development for breast cancer surgery. It features an investigational optical agent and a handheld device that enable cancer surgeons to see and remove cancer cells in real-time during operations. The Lumicell System was designed and developed by MIT engineers in partnership with leading breast cancer surgeons to fit seamlessly within the existing surgical workflow. The Lumicell System is also investigating applications for colorectal cancer, Barrett’s esophagus and brain metastases.




Mavencare was conceived after the founders each experienced similar challenges finding and managing quality home care for their grandparents. Collectively, the team decided there had to be a better way. Using their collective experience in healthcare, senior care and technology, the company was born with the goal of providing the highest quality, family focused home care. Mavencare's vision to revolutionize home health care is founded in creating a world where people can live out their lives in the comfort of their own homes.



UV Light Care

UV Light Care develops ultraviolet light technologies for disinfection, with a focus on vascular access devices and indwelling catheters. Antibiotics are not always effective in destroying bacteria, and catheter infections are a top cause of hospitalization in the US and overseas. UV Light Care is creating an innovative and low cost hand-held device to answer unmet disinfection needs of the global catheter market, worth more than $30 billion.




Wagz is a first of it’s kind smart dog collar and app that helps humans stay connected to their dogs. Wagz tracks everything about your dog – including activity, barking, exercise, food, and location – while enabling live HD video streaming and invisible fencing and leashing. It’s the connected collar you need for a safer, healthier, happier dog.




Yofumo Technologies is a solution-driven company dedicated to improving the safety, efficiency and quality of the post harvest system for cannabis, spices, herbs and other specialty food industry application. Currently, the company has developed proprietary technology and devices to eliminate bacteria, mold and other agents in cannabis products. Prior to Yofumo's, cannabis growers, dispensaries and delivery services had no effective method to sanitize its products. 2016 saw medicinal and recreational cannabis sales reach $6.7 billion in the US, according to Fortune Magazine. Regulated cannabis products are currently legal in 28 states, including California and Massachusetts, as well as in Washington, DC.